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Equipment for sale

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All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

left- 2 outdoor LED fixtures for bldg decor $50 ea


right- RANE time delay for satellite speakers $35

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Equipment List

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left- Martin Mania Intelligent lights DMX  $30 ea


right- 8 Black Steel par 56 w/lamps  $15 ea

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left- 4 Par 38's  $40 for all


right- 6 Flat LED Color Palettes  $65 ea

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IMG_1397 IMG_1385 IMG_1410

left- 15" Speaker used in AMS SUB 15"       $25


right-15" Speaker from Mackie SUB 15"       $35



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IMG_1431 IMG_1416

left- two video screens on sturdy frame $40 ea


right- assorted ultimate support tripods   $20 ea



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IMG_1392 IMG_1395

left- 2  Yamaha passive wedges 12H  $50 ea


right- Powered Sub PXW 15  $125 ea



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IMG_1322 IMG_1328

left- Triangle Truss 8qty - 6'   $125 per section


right- Various clamps, bases & accessories.  


Conicals- $3 ea

Pins/w Safety Clip- $2 ea

dblSwivel Clamps- $15 ea

Bolt Eye Clamps- $10 ea

Half Coupler- $9 ea

12" Base Plate- $30 ea

30" Base Plate- $125 ea 


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