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Equipment for sale

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All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

left- Roland Fantom X7 with extra sounds   $625 


right- Casio Privia PX5S weighted 88 key  $490


Both keyboards come with pedals.


left- Chauvet DMX4 dimmer pack (3qty)  $50


center- Elation DP-DMX20L (4qty) $50


right-Chauvet DJ "PRO"-D6 DMX-512 (2qty)  $125

 I have 5 sets of Sennheiser EW300 IEM G2 IEM units used when we did road gigs. I know FCC changed frqs but, these still have some good freq in them. I am listing them at $250 for a pack and receiver. -or-for $750 you can have them all "as is".

left- Videonics MX Pro w/power adpter -- $250


right- Altec Lansing Power Amp  $75

Equipment List

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IMG_1304 IMG_1377 IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1411 IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1370 IMG_1374 IMG_1375 sennheiser paddles

left- Sennheiser Combiner for IEM  $100


center- Sennheiser Antenna paddles  $50 ea


right- M-Audio 8 Channel USB interface  $90 (qty 2)

IMG_1376 IMG_1378 IMG_1379

left- 8 rack space Heavy Duty roadcase  $125


center-right   7 Drawer "road organizer" on heavy duty casters with locking. Cover turn into a sturdy table for your console.  Pro pic ->



roadcase drawers IMG_1381 IMG_1382

Roland TD-20 Electronic drum kit.

Kik,Snr,3 Toms, 2 cymb, Hhat, cables.


All pads and module work as they should.

$950 for everything. Must be sold as a set.


IMG_1386 IMG_1424

There are several Surge cymbals (4 or 5?)

Some work fine, others need attention. $75 for all.


VDrum TD-12  $150 Works great.

IMG_1420 IMG_1418 IMG_1413 IMG_1402

left- RMS guitar amp w/15" Celestion $65


right- XLS 402 Crown Power Amp  $95 (qty 2)

  (3 Left)

  (Only 1 Left)

SOLD  Congrats JOSH



There are 2 of these Crown Amps