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All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

All items are sold "as is" with no warranty. No Returns

Roland TD50 Digital Drums w/22" Kick,digital Snare & ride cymbal. 5mos old.  Extras include a electronic China Boy (not in pic).  $3850

These are converted conventional Par Cans to LED.

I gutted the old par, then I fitted it with the

   CHAUVET "SLIM PAR"  RGB's they work great.

See them at work in this picture......

I have 24 of these.  It comes with the caan, the slim par and the clamp on top.


$45 ea -or- $925 for all 24

These are 'practically' brand new!

--CHAUVET FX PAR-- Very Cool Lights

Used only once ...  I don't have a picture of them in storage, they are in road cases. (Couldn't readily get to them for a pic)

However, they retail at $169

Very impressive brightness and functions including strobe.

Full DMX  I have 29 left.

I'm pricing them at $85 ea  -or- $2500 for all 32

PAR 64 w/bulbs  $45 ea  (2qty)

I had to get these pics from the internet but, they are

TURBOSOUND iQ Series  15" 3 way spks  2500watts (6 qty)

TURBOSOUND iQ Series  18" Subs 3000watts (6 qty)

These cabinets are really cool in that they have a smart amp that integrates with the X32 or M32 digital boards. They connect using Cat5/Cat6 cable. a/c is Neutrik powercon.

 I am pricing the 15"s  at $590 ea  and the 18"subs at $775 ea

     -or- I'll come down to $7750 for all 12 cabinets.


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